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Ejector and silencer manufacturer

yektavac Ejector and silencer manufacturer

Ejector and silencer manufacturer

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yekta tajhiz company (Yetco) with its experienced staff, accomplish the suitable design of ejectors, silencers and electric heaters used in the oil and gas industry, oil and marine industries. Flow analysis of vacuum systems to optimize the equipment especially multi-stage vacuum systems and equipment installation services perform in this company. Multi-stage vacuum systems in the oil industry to liquid ejectors for the shipbuilding industry, from staem vacuum chillers for refrigeration industries to scrubbers in the  chemical industries, from ventilators for evacuating gases to heaters for heating liquids, from thermocompressors for food industry to mixers and from Vent Silenser to Exhaust silencers; are the products of this company.

Ejector applications in the industries

Ejectors are designed and manufactured for various purposes. One of these purposes is the transfering of liquids, solids and mixing fluids together, heating or cooling the fluid, creating vacuum in various industries such as deoderization, heat recovery, suction and lifting liquids and transferring them to another reservoir and ventilation the environments. In the following, many applications of the ejectors are presented that can help customers to select the product.

Due to the fact that a ejetor can not provide vacuum less than 170 mbar or less, it is necessary to use the two ejectors in series (two-stage ejecto).

one-stage and two-stage ejector

If the goal is to reach a vacuum less than 10 mbar, 4 and 5 stage ejectors are usually used.

5 stage  Steam Ejector with Direct Contact Condenser

In various industries, especially the chemical industry, oil and gas, we sometimes encounter a fluid that is not displaced by conventional pumps or it is necessary to mix the fluid with gas. The best way is to use the gas ejector to transfer fluids from one tank to another.

gas ejector to transfer liquid to reservoir

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are limited in the vacuum they can produce. The vapor pressure of the sealant fluid is the limiting factor and vacuum is usually limited to about 33 mbar. Most liquid ring vacuum pumps operate between 66-100 mbar.

When deeper vacuum is required, an Atmospheric Air Ejector may be used as an extra pumping stage. The Atmospheric Air Ejector (AAE) is installed in the pump suction and can pull the vacuum down to 6.6-13 mbar. The AAE sucks in atmospheric air and discharges it into the pump suction.

Air ejector connection to vacuum suction pump ring

Yekta Tajhiz employs accoustic technology to produce a range of vent silencers to solve airborne noise problems associated with safety venting systems. The silencers are available in a variety of configurations from absorptive to diffusion units. The unique design employs expansion, diffusion and absorption to provide high levels of broadband noise attenuation.

Vent Silencers

Services & Solutions

Yekta Tajhiz provides Design & Engineering services to Consultants, Contractors and Owner – operators of Oil & Gas,  Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Power and Electro- mechinical industries that include Development, Concept- throough- Commissioning.

  • October 13, 2018