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A vent silencer is a device used to reduce unwanted noise created by gas or steam flow in a pipeline discharging directly into the atmosphere. This noise can be generated due to the high velocity flow through the valve and turbulence created around any obstacle in the line that suddenly restricts or changes the direction of flow such as valve or an orifice.

Vent silencers find wide applications in high pressure vents, steam vents, safety relief valve outlets, system blow downs and purge outlets etc. Vent and blow down noise is a function of upstream pressure and temperature, type of gas being vented, the valve size and type, plus the effect of down stream piping. Each vent silencer is designed to attenuate the noise level to the required sound pressure level criteria at a given distance from the silencer. This is the reason that vent and blow down silencers are seldom a catalogue selection. The details given here can be considered as a guideline. Contact our experienced engineers to recommend a silencer best suited for your application for vertical or horizontal installations.

Yekta Tajhiz employs accoustic technology to produce a range of vent silencers to solve airborne noise problems associated with safety venting systems. The silencers are available in a variety of configurations from absorptive to diffusion units. The unique design employs expansion, diffusion and absorption to provide high levels of broadband noise attenuation.

YETCO Vent Silencers have a custom pressurized inlet diffuser that shifts the noise spectrum from a low frequency to a more easily attenuated high frequency range. The high frequency noise expands into the plenum and then passes through the tube module where the noise is absorbed by acoustic packing and vented to atmosphere.

Inlet Diffuser

inlet Diffuser provides energy dissipation and modification of the noise spectrum for easier attenuation. It also provides the back pressure required for optimum valve performance and size.

Plenum Section

The Plenum Section minimizes shell noise radiation and noise leakage.

Acoustic Tube Module

Multiple flow tubes surrounded by acoustic packing, absorb and attenuate the high frequency acoustic energy as modified by the inlet diffuser.

  • October 13, 2018